Creative Action

In the Spring of 2011, I worked with the League of Women Voters of Lafayette and the Forum for Equality Acadiana Chapter to assemble a team of artists, designers, architects and academics to figure out how to retain Acadiana's brightest creative professionals and to educate the public on the importance of these professionals to the local economy. The initial group which we assembled would eventually call itself Creative Action.

Creative Action launched its series of events with the Creative Economy Summit in November 2011, followed by CES.2: The Power of Creativity in April 2012. The Creative Economy Summit included three TED-style, 18-minute talks on Creativity, Diversity and Innovation as economic drivers and a panel discussion to set goals for how Lafayette can move forward on these three fronts. CES.2 consisted of professional development workshops, a lecture on contemporary art and its trajectories, a fine art portfolio review, and an interactive panel discussion presented by the leadership of Creative Action.

In collaboration with Urban Land Institute – Louisiana, Creative Action launched [Imagine Downtown] Lafayette (more here) in August 2012.  [Imagine Downtown] was an international urban design competition focused on invigorating Lafayette's urban core and generating a sustainable vision for its downtown district. The project concluded in the Summer of 2013.

In September 2013, Creative Action hosted a panel discussion about urban planning and the future of the Acadiana Region following a screening of Urbanized at Vermilionville in Lafayette.

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Creative Action logo and branding developed by Colin Miller, Emee Morgan, Robert J. Wilson

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