Fight for Your Rights [At the Alamo]

In 2010, Forum for Equality asked me to host an event to build awareness in Lafayette and to unite members of the community who support equal rights and protections for all people. Having been active for many years in the visual and performing arts, I saw an opportunity in this proposed event to bring artists and LGBT folks together around a shared love of the arts.

We hosted the event, "Fight for Your Rights [At the Alamo]" on June 25, 2010. It was a one-night group exhibition featuring LGBT artists and allies of the LGBT community at The Alamo gallery in Downtown Lafayette, LA. Further, local choreographer Paige Krause coordinated a dance flash mob which surprised the audience immediately after the Forum's Executive Director, SarahJane Brady completed a brief speech on grassroots organizing.

Two hundred people attended "Fight for Your Rights," and the event served as a debut for Forum for Equality on the Lafayette scene.

Services provided:

Event coordination

Curation of exhibition

Card / materials design + branding

Marketing + promotion